Nicholas Hawk Gun Shop

Nicholas Hawk (1782-1844), an early American gunsmith renowned for his fine craftsmanship of Pennsylvania longrifles, purchased the original Hawk family homestead in Gilbert, Monroe County in December 1801. The Hawk family homestead and 12’3” x 15’3” log cabin gun shop was located just across the Blue Mountain from the site of the Henry Gun Works at Boulton. Hawk had purchased rifle barrels from Boulton, and some believe that he may have apprenticed in the Henry shop. After the Hawk family homestead and log cabin gun shop was sold to new owners in 2003, the structure was threatened with demolition. Thankfully the new owner agreed to give the shop to the Jacobsburg Historical Society, provided it was moved off the original property. Volunteers from Jacobsburg Historical Society dismantled the old gun shop, timber by timber, and transported it to Boulton. After several years of fundraising activities, reassembly and restoration of the Nicholas Hawk Gun Shop was completed here in 2008..