Gardener’s Report – Spring 2013

Apr 15, 2013 in News

Well, its been a long, if not particularly hard, winter. Winter is trying to hold on, but the warm weather can not be held back forever and everyone is eagerly awaiting the gentle winds of Spring. Here at Jacobsburg the snowdrops are bursting out of the ground and the helebores are blooming in the cold wind. In the vegetable garden the rhubarb is pushing up its large, tart leaves and the dandelions are awaiting the observant and adventurous cooks to prepare some “spring greens.” Soon the asparagus will be sending its spears skyward so they, too, can join the dinner table. Once the weather settles, the spring onions, lettuce seed, potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower seedlings can all be set out. We’ll wait til the weather really warms up for the rest of our planting. The garden is always perfect this early in the season, great ideas and no weeds!

The garden committee is hoping to see some new volunteers this year….NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!!  We will train and encourage and share knowledge. Open house is the 1st weekend in May, but the garden needs help long before that. We are also having our annual Spring Plant Sale starting at 9am until 1 pm or when the plants are sold.  Call or e-mail to volunteer your time.

The Garden Committee