For Every Season There Is A Change

Apr 15, 2013 in News

As we begin a new season here at ‘Boulton’, there are a number of changes you should be made aware of.

By the time you have received this edition of the Jacobsburg Record we will have hired a new Executive Director/Site Manager for the Jacobsburg Historical Society. Lyndsey B. Frigm left the position of Executive Director at the end of November and we wish her well in her new endeavor with the Y.M.C.A.

​The long awaited Craft Center has been completed. This newly renovated space will allow the Society to pursue a more effective use of the Homestead lower level. The Center is located behind the John Joseph House in the former shed spaces. This completion will allow more room for the individual classes which are taught along with the wreath making class and any future event we may wish to begin. When you see Frank Willis tell him ‘well done’ for the time and effort spent completing the project.

​If you have tried to visit our website you will notice it has not been updated. There is a very good reason for no updates; a new website is being created and should be operational shortly. So please keep your eyes open and check the site, we are all sure you will be extremely pleased. Most of all, this is your website also, so please provide us feed back and suggestions.

​REMEMBER, this is the 200th Anniversary of Bushkill Township; and the Society will be hosting a special exhibit in the lower lever of the Pennsylvania Long Rifle Museum (Henry Homestead).

​Mark MAY 4, 2013 on your calendar; this is opening day at ‘Boulton Plantation’; coming and visit YOUR Society for YOUR opening Day.

Special Thanks

​The Board of Directors would like to THANK YOU to Doctor Lanzansky for his endowment to the Gun Making Course and Bill Beehler for all his labors of love (renovation) on the grounds during this past year.

Remember, the season begins on May 4th and continues until the last weekend of October (Rendezvous and the Market Fair weekend).