Forty Years Later and Still Growing!

Jacobsburg Historical Society was an idea born in the fall of 1972. Members of various community groups worked together for a common cause: to preserve the beauty of the Bushkill Creek Valley, particularly the Henrys Woods area. They also pledged to bring to life the rich history and culture of the lost industrial community area of Jacobsburg, Filetown, and Boulton.

The idea of creating a new State Park ran into opposition from many corners of the community. The fisherman opposed the proposed lake because of trout habitat destruction; boaters opposed the small lake and wanted a much larger one for power boating; hunters did not like the loss of prime small game hunting fields. Everyone objected to flooding Henrys Woods and nobody wanted the campgrounds, concession stands, the swimming pool, and the sewer lines to support all of this development.

The Henry family picnicking in Henrys Woods.

The Henry family picnicking in Henrys Woods.

Many people from all parts of the community joined together to support the preservation of the history and the unique geographical area that is now primarily encompassed by the Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center and is preserved and interpreted by the Jacobsburg Historical Society. These two distinct entities, a non-profit organization (JHS) and a PA state agency (JEEC), have cooperated closely over the decades.

JHS Meeting

The announcement of the first meeting of the Jacobsburg Historical Society in 1972.


Our Society serves as the repository for many unique and rare firearms in our Pennsylvania Longrifle Museum. It also offers interpretive and educational exhibits that document the history of this early American industry and art form. JHS works to preserve the history of a community that was very important in the early days of our nation.

The many people who have been involved in these efforts over the last 45 years have accomplished much, but we still have much to accomplish.

Jacobsburg Historical Society has been very fortunate in the past, receiving support from the community and many generous individuals, but we need to do more if we are going to continue to offer the educational resources to future students of history. We thank those that have helped in the past and thank you in advance for your willingness to continue to support our commitment to the community.

Jacobsburg Historical Society, 2019


Amy Gular, President
Susan Bergen, First Vice President
Paul Lopresti, Second Vice President Sr.
Adam Stephan, Second Vice President
Kaitlyn Mack, Secretary

Board of Directors

Gary Asteak
Bobbie DiGerlando
Joe DiGerlando
Scott Gordon
Rocky Schreck
Andrea Smith
Ted Shaffer
Paul Split

Ex Officio

Rob Neitz, Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center

Jacobsburg Historical Society Archives: Policies and Schedule of Charges

The Jacobsburg Historical Society Archives are not, at present, open to the public for research visits. But we encourage researchers to contact us with research queries and we will satisfy them as best we are able. Depending on the scope of the research request, our volunteer staff will follow this schedule of charges: Standard research […]

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